• How do I know if my child needs speech or language therapy?

    Ask yourself these questions: Is my child keeping up in school or daycare? Is my child fitting in and making friends? Does my child get overly frustrated when they can’t communicate what they want? Has my child met the developmental milestones up to their age range? If you answered no to any of these questions, they may benefit from speech therapy.


  • What do I need to get started with Speech-Language Therapy?

    Give us a call and we will schedule your child for a screening or evaluation. From there, we will determine if your child is the right fit for speech therapy.

  • Should I be concerned if my child is a late talker?

    Many children are late talkers and end up doing well later in life. However, if your child is delayed in their speech, there may be an underlying cause which can affect other areas of development as well. We recommend seeking help if you have any concerns that your child may be delayed in speech.

  • How long will my child need speech therapy?

    Speech therapy is tailored to fit the individual needs of the client and will continue as long as your child is making progress. There is no definitive answer but we are happy to discuss this further if you have additional questions.


  • Do you take insurance?

    Carolina Speech Connections is an in-network provider for Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare, Medicare, NC Medicaid, SC Medicaid, WellCare NC,and NC Health Choice. Carolina Speech Connections provides electronic insurance filing for our clients and we are happy to help confirm insurance benefits for speech-language therapy with your insurance company.  All payment for services rendered by our practice is expected according to our financial policy. As with all insurance companies, your insurance benefits are not a guarantee.

    Contact us for more information: (704) 233-3434


  • Do you provide speech/language therapy services in the home?

    The patient's age and other factors go into whether or not we can see a patient in their home.  Currently we provide services in daycares and at our clinic in downtown Monroe, NC, as well as some patient's home. If you are interested in receiving therapy in your home, give us a call at 704-233-3434.


  • Can I stay with my child while they are receiving therapy?

    This is addressed on a case by case basis. Some children do better when they are with their parents and vice versa. After each session, you will be given a verbal or written report on their progress and how the session went.


  • What does the therapy entail?

    Visit our New Clients page for an overview of the therapy process.


  • Why should we choose Carolina Speech Connections?

    If you are looking for personalized, high quality, tailored therapy for you or your loved one, then Carolina Speech Connections is your best choice! We provide one-on-one  speech therapy therapy that is customized to each of our patients individual needs. Being in our own clinic gives us the ability to spend the time with each patient that they need, ensuring that they are receiving the optimal therapy to fit their needs. We are a private practice determined to provide high quality, individualized speech therapy away from the larger healthcare systems. Our comfortable clinic is easily accessible in downtown Monroe, NC.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Carolina Speech Connections is a Speech Therapy Practice in Monroe, NC Speech Therapy in Monroe, NC
Carolina Speech Connections is a Speech Therapy Practice in Monroe, NC Speech Therapy in Monroe, NC