• When you call

    When you call to find out more about speech therapy services, we will discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have about services. If you decide you’re interested in pursuing speech therapy, we will set up an appointment.

  • Screening

    A screening is a way to determine areas of concern and to identify any conditions or delays that may need further assessment. If any of these are found, we will set up a time for a formal evaluation to take a closer look and determine a plan of action.

  • Evaluation

    Depending on the area of concern, subjective and objective evaluations may be used to determine areas of weakness that require treatment, the severity of the deficits, and to establish a treatment plan. Some information may be provided immediately following the evaluation. However, a more detailed report will be available after the evaluation results have been analyzed and reviewed by the therapist.

  • Consultation (phone or in person)

    At the consultation, we will go over the results of the evaluation and discuss whether to begin treatment or not. If we decide to proceed with therapy, we will go over the treatment plan and schedule therapy sessions.


  • Treatment

    Treatment will be held in your child’s daycare or at


    Suite 103

    115 Henderson St.

    Monroe, NC 28112


    Therapy tasks and activities will address you or your loved one’s specific goals based on the results from the evaluation. As goals are reached and progress is made, the goals will change to encourage continual growth.

  • Discharge

    Once a client has met all of the goals or is no longer making progress, they will be discharged from speech therapy services. When a client is discharged, they may be given a home program to help maintain the progress made in therapy.


Getting Started

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Carolina Speech Connections is a Speech Therapy Practice in Monroe, NC Speech Therapy in Monroe, NC
Carolina Speech Connections is a Speech Therapy Practice in Monroe, NC Speech Therapy in Monroe, NC